Workspaces of the Future: Three Collaboration Trends

Workspaces of the FutureOffice workspaces have the power to make or break cohesive, collaborative efforts between employees. Set up correctly, entire offices have the opportunity to excel. Those that fall short, well, they unfortunately have the opposite effect. While it’s never too early to start planning out your office space for the new decade, it’s also important to take a look at what’s coming down the pipeline for office spaces of the future.

Millennials will soon dominate the workforce. The combination of their digital inclination alongside their preference to work in an open office plan is changing the face of the office planning world as we know it. We’ve already begun to see the benefits of IoT in the workplace – how else is the office space sector planning to upgrade and change in the future?

We’re breaking down three workspace trends of the future – and why you need to consider implementing them now:

1. Say Goodbye to Your Desk
You already know sitting is the new smoking – and more and more offices are ditching the desk to keep employees from being sedentary for too long. Instead of one or two treadmill desks in a shared office space, some companies are looking at shared workspaces that encourage mobility and standing. Plus, this eliminates the solitude of the cubicle, maximizing employee interaction and teamwork.

2. Digitalization in All Sectors
The digitalization of the common workspace is here – and has been for decades. But, April Rudin, Founder and CEO of The Rudin Group, says there’s more for digitalization in office spaces of the future:

“For workplaces to be truly digital, there cannot be just one Chief Digital Officer. Instead, it must be part of everyone’s mandate from human resources to marketing to C-suite.”

Gaining insight on the return on investment solely from digitalization requires that digital be infused into the very core of a company’s culture.

3. Think Outside the Box
Typical office spaces are… Well, typically bland. Workspaces shouldn’t make employees feel like their trapped under fluorescent lighting. Infusing nature within an office space brings the outside in and allows for employees to better connect with an environment that “feels” like nature. Further thinking outside the box, new office chairs now feature the ability to sit, recline and lay down. Some smart chairs even let workers know when they’ve been idle for too long! Thinking outside the traditional realm of the office world is a major trend for the future – it gets employees active, engaged and ready to collaborate.

As we head into the new year and the future ahead of us looks bright and shiny, remember that the office spaces of the future all revolve around collaboration between coworkers. Vibrant, flexible workspaces attract and maintain the very best, and make it easier for your employees to deliver their very best. Are you interested in switching up your office space plan to include these trending tactics? Contact Office Space Solutions today to learn how we can help.