3 Reasons You Need Warehouse Storage Solutions

Warehouse StorageUtilizing every square inch of your office space to increase productivity and improve workflow is the name of the game for many businesses. That’s why when it comes down to logistics, oftentimes warehousing is your best bet. Warehouse storage solutions offer many economic benefits for both owners and customers. When looking for a warehouse partner, it’s important to find one that provides security, professional expertise and a climate-controlled environment to protect your assets. One example is the new corporate headquarters for Office Space Solutions (OSS)! To make the most of your cost per square foot office or leased space, here are the top 3 benefits warehouse storage solutions provide for your business:

Expand Your Business: Freeing up your office space by putting inventory in a more productive space is made possible with warehouse storage. By storing some of your materials and inventory in a separate space, you’re better able to focus on the core of your business. Sensitive materials should be stored in climate-controlled warehousing to protect your items from extreme temps – especially our hot Arizona summers – as well as create a barrier from dust and debris. Outsourcing your storage and distribution allows you to better utilize your office space for product development and process improvement, and in turn, expand your businesses to its fullest potential.

Renovate with Ease: If you’ve considered relocating or renovating your business, but aren’t sure how to keep daily demands in check, warehousing might be the solution you need. Struggling with day-to-day work on top of a pile of new office furniture, IT equipment, as well as office shuffling isn’t a great way to continue a high level of productivity. Clear a path—literally—in the office by putting some of your renovation materials into warehouse storage. From extra inventory, to furniture for the newly renovated space, to temporarily storing your items is a valuable solution to the chaos.

Pack & Process Simply: Today’s warehouses are much more than just a place to store your things. The in-house team at Office Space Solutions is available to pull, clean, ship, deliver, and re-install your items, adding value to your operation from a logistics standpoint. You’re more in control of your shipping and handling than ever! Getting products packed, processed, and shipped directly from a warehouse is convenient, and increases the value of your business’s customer service. Maximize your fulfillment with warehouse storage solutions from OSS.

OSS Warehouse Storage Solutions
Take a load off your business with warehouse storage solutions from OSS. We’ve recently relocated to a larger Phoenix warehouse space to better accommodate our clients throughout the Southwest. Whether you’re in need of inventory space in order to expand your business, a storage solution for big renovations, or are looking to maximize your business’s fulfillment with packing and processing needs, contact OSS and let us make your office work.