Outgrowing Your Office? Warehousing Might be the Key

Outgrowing Your Office?Having an office space that supports employee morale and boosts creativity and productivity is important for your business. Your office space’s atmosphere impacts collaboration, innovation and efficiency. If you’re outgrowing your office space, you might be in trouble.

Are You Outgrowing Your Office Space?
Be honest: is your company outgrowing its current space? Ask yourself if you have the following:
Sufficient Meeting Space: Turning conference areas into office spaces for your employees is a quick fix for even quicker company growth, but it shouldn’t be a solution that lasts forever.
Clear Pathways in the Office: Employees having trouble getting from Point A to Point B due to equipment or accessory overflow is a sign of growth (and overall office clutter).
Storage Areas: Are cabinets overflowing with endless amounts of paper and office supplies? If there aren’t spaces to store files and additional office supplies, you’re getting too big for your space.

What to Do When You’ve Outgrown Your Office Space
There are a few options when you’ve outgrown your workspace. Of course, you could relocate to an office that’s larger than your current one. But if relocation isn’t an option, look to make the most use of your office space the following ways:
1. Invest in newer, modernized equipment. Large, outdated equipment is often clunky and takes up too much room in an office space (especially one you’ve already outgrown). Modern equipment is more compact, taking up less space.
2. Get rid of equipment and fixtures you don’t use. Take a nod from organizing aficionado Marie Kondo and declutter your office space. Get rid of equipment you don’t use (or that you have multiples of) and digitize your filing system, if possible.
3. Offer remote options. Can telecommunication help make more room in your office? Consider a shared remote schedule for employees to use the space more efficiently.
4. Reconfigure your office’s layout. Whether you entirely remodel your office space or adopt more compact modular configurations, shaping your office to work for you is just one option for making more room.
5. Utilize warehousing for your storage needs. Choosing a warehouse to help with your growing office needs might be the key to your problem. Safe, climate-controlled storage and general long- or short-term warehousing solutions help free up space in your current office. It’s one of the most efficient ways to keep extra furniture, medical equipment, accessories and more for future use.

Is Warehousing Right for You?
Warehousing might be the key to your office space conundrum. Look to the future: is your office going to grow in the next year, five years, 10 years? Take a load off your business with warehousing solution from OSS. We offer warehousing that goes beyond conventional storage: our in-house team of warehouse and installation personnel are available to pull, clean, ship, deliver or re-install your items. Plus, our 35,000+ square foot OSS warehouse facility contains a selection of pre-owned furniture. If you’ve outgrown your space and are ready for a clean slate in your office, OSS is here to help. Contact us today to learn if warehousing is right for you.