How Old Is Old When It Comes to Voice & Data Cabling?

Outdated wiring cabling“Do I need to get rid of old cables in the office?”

While this might not be a question at the forefront of your mind when it comes to regular office maintenance, it should be. Old and outdated wiring just isn’t safe, plain and simple. And according to the U.S. Fire Administration, outdated wiring is one of the leading causes of electrical fires. So, how old is too old when it comes to voice and data cabling?

The experts at Office Space Solutions break it down:

Are your cables outdated? If your cabling system is outdated (like knot or tube wiring styles), it may be time to update. Knot and tube wiring are prone to damage from rodents and natural wear and tear. Low amp wiring on the other hand, oftentimes overloads circuits. Both of these outdated cabling types can cause electrical fires.

Was your voice and cabling data designed properly? Sometimes, cabling is poorly designed during installation, increasing the risk for electrical fires. Electrical codes are constantly being updated – it’s important to choose an installer who removes, properly designs, and replaces your cabling with modern (and safe!) designs.

Has your cabling been fiddled with? A good rule of thumb is “the older the wiring, the more likely it’s been tinkered with.” This can mean live loose wires and bad connections. Your best bet is to get a trained professional in to remove and replace any older cabling that’s been touched a few too many times.

Has your paneling been upgraded? Upgrading your commercial panels to meet manufacturer recommendations is imperative in keeping your office safe and electrical cabling up-to-date as well. While older cabling is often at fault for electrical fires, switches and circuits can be the blame, too.

Is your insulation worn out? Like people, buildings get worn out as they age. As buildings age, so does its insulation. Because insulation is the main protectant for cabling, once it goes, your wiring may be exposed. This increases the risk of sparks, and ultimately, the chance for a fire to start in your office.

Office Space Solutions offers voice and data cabling services in the Southwest. Our communications contractor specializes in the design, installation, and project management of cabling projects, so you can rest assured knowing your old cabling is replaced and reinstalled the right way. Let OSS make your office work! Choose our cabling, voice, and data services for your office today.