Optimize the Office Space You Have with These 5 Reconfiguring Tips

Reconfiguring your office space shouldn’t just be left to businesses who are outgrowing their current space. While optimizing space in a time of major growth is crucial, reconfiguration is beneficial to office spaces everywhere. Your office space might be fully equipped with the right desks and computers your employees need, but is it reconfigured in a way that boosts productivity and optimizes every inch? From improved collaboration and communication to enhanced efficiency and overall morale, reconfiguring your office space to maximize its potential is an important business practice.

Assess the Space – Bust out that measuring tape and put on your thinking cap. Not only do you need to assess the dimensions of your current space, but you need to evaluate the technological needs of your company. Are there any space constraints? Updated technologies you want to implement? Understand your space’s best assets and most important needs and start a reconfiguration plan to optimize the space you’ve got.

Consider Purging – Is your office space free of all excess clutter? Chances are, probably not. Consider getting rid of the things you don’t need, or reducing excess clutter with vertical storage or warehouse storage. You should only stick with essentials! This way, you can evaluate just how big your office is and how much reconfiguration room you have to play with.

Think Modular – Modular furniture allows your company to adapt quickly, easily and economically to needed organizational changes. When you choose cubicle furniture systems, it’s easy to reconfigure your current set-up, as well as keep up with demands like company growth, rising lease prices and technological changes in the future. Ensure that you can change things up in times of demand with a reconfigurable modular design.

Go Light & Bright – It might seem obvious, but avoiding dark colors and dark lighting can have a huge impact on employee morale. In fact, natural light positively impacts employee productivity, energy, and overall well-being. Plus, darkness can make your space look smaller. We’re all about light and bright spaces to employees feel and work better, as well as to maximize your current space into looking bigger than it is.

DIY – Worth It or Worthless? – Decide how much you want to DIY during the reconfiguration process. While you might want to handle some of the planning and executing yourself, think about hiring a professional team to help you through the process. Companies like OSS can help you with modular furniture installation and cabling and data services to make reconfiguration as smooth as possible.

The way your office is configured has an impact on the creative and productive environment of the entire office. Don’t wait solely for company growth and consider changing up your current office space to optimize what you have now. Are you ready to make a change? Contact Office Space Solutions today for more information about our services today.