Make the Most of Your Office Space in 2020

Office Space Planning 2020 Ready or not, the new year is right around the corner and it’s time to focus on your company’s office space. Whether you’re planning to relocate to a new space or want to make better use of your current workspace, thinking ahead and planning out your office for 2020 has a multitude of benefits.

So, why is office space planning so important?

• Increase Overall Productivity – a well-designed office space can increase productivity by up to 20%.
• Boost Company Morale – employees are happier when they have a pleasant, clean and comfortable work environment.
• Improve Bottom Line – engaged employees have lower turnover rates, lower absenteeism and drive higher profits.

Office Space Planning – Consider the Following
Do you want to improve your company’s overall performance, but don’t know where to start? We can help. Answer these planning questions to figure out the best way to utilize the space:

  1. How is this space functioning? Your office space supports your business. In what ways do you need the space to function? Think about the need for collaborative work spaces, meeting rooms for visiting customers, a place for employees to relax and unwind and, of course, comfortable work stations for employees to complete their daily work. Think about your employee’s well being too, as wellness impacts productivity.

  2. Open concept or cubicles? So, what’ll it be: create an open office concept or utilize cubicles? There are pros and cons to each (open offices allow for more collaboration while cubicles help avoid distractions), but the decision really depends on your industry. How does your team achieve better results? One way to have the best of both worlds is through office zoning: the combination of private rooms and open space is a great solution to the conundrum.

  3. Special considerations? Don’t forget about special consideration when planning your new office space. From data and cabling needs to the possibility of IoT sensors, technology is a great way to share spaces and effect the overall functionality of an office. Consider special furnishing options as well, like standing desks or treadmill stations that help in the overall wellness of employees and can be shared throughout the day.

Are you ready to boost employee productivity and morale? Get your 2020 office space planning on track with a little help from the experts at Office Space Solutions. OSS is your one-stop shop to create a comfortable and collaborative workspace that boosts your company’s productivity, morale and bottom line, from relocation assistance to furniture installation and even data, cabling and IoT services.