Is Your Workspace Ready for IoT Sensors?

Workspace IoT SensorsWorkspaces are transforming before our eyes thanks to a little help from digitization. Humans and computers are sharing job duties to improve employee productivity as well as business efficiencies overall. How? The Internet of Things. With IoT solutions, you can create a smart, digitized workplace with a limitless set of tools at your fingertips. One way to implement IoT into your office is with sensors – they collect real-time data so you can build a more efficient, collaborative and comfortable work environment for your employees.

IoT Sensors vs. ROI
Weighing the cost of IoT technology against your company’s ROI is important. Because more IoT sensor technology vendors are entering the marketplace, the cost of connected devices is dropping – and fast! In a 10-year span, the average cost of IoT sensors dropped by more than half, from $1.30 to $0.60. The good news? They’re expected to keep dropping – expect another 37% decrease by 2020.

Are IoT Sensors Right for You?
Now more than ever, IoT technology is accessible to just about every single workplace. Gone are the days when large corporations and high-end buildings were the only enterprises utilizing sensors and experiencing their many benefits. So, the question presents: are implementing IoT sensors into your office space right for you? Ask yourself the following:

  • Planning a new office move?
  • Updating your current workplace?
  • Changing your overall workplace concept?
  • Thinking about occupancy savings?
  • Is employee convenience important to you?
  • Experiencing bad service performance?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of those questions, IoT is right for you. Now more affordable than ever, IoT solutions can be a real asset to your business. Experience all that today’s technology can provide for your workspace, including space efficiency, overall effectiveness, productivity, engagement and the well-being of your employees when you implement sensors into your environment.

Interested in learning more about IoT sensors installed in your workplace? Office Space Solutions can help. Contact us today to discover how IoT sensors can make your building smarter, more efficient, comfortable and collaborative today.