Is the Future of the Corporate World a “Total Workplace Ecosystem”?

Cushman & Wakefield recently captured global data from the workforce, including work-from-home respondents, to help get a bird’s eye view on the future of the workplace in the COVID-19 era. And, while many propose that the open office concept isn’t totally dead and others think working from home will become more commonplace, the data reveals something less tangible: the new normal will be a total workplace ecosystem.

The future of the workplace isn’t as black and white as we once thought. Just mere months ago, non-essential employees were forced to work from home while under quarantine and employers had to quickly and efficiently get them set up and working productively from home. The key findings from the report reveal that “The workplace will no longer be a single location but an ecosystem of a variety of locations and experiences…

What do multiple locations mean for you and your employees? More convenience, streamlined functionality and better overall employee wellbeing.

Are You Prepared for a Total Workplace Ecosystem? 

Getting your office prepared for this new “ecosystem” isn’t as scary as you might initially think. In fact, you might already be well on your way to providing your employees with these new capabilities! Office Space Solutions is here to you plan and execute the following changes to your workspace:

  • Reconfiguration + Remote Set-Up: Is your office moving toward a flexible schedule where a smaller, set number of people are booked to work in the office on certain days? We can help. From reconfiguring your current layout to be more flex-friendly to ensuring all of your employees are set up for remote work, we’re here to get your office space on track for flexible scheduling.
  • Relocation + Cabling Services: Are you considering downsizing your office space now that so many employees are working from home? We can help there, too! From relocation needs to re-wiring and cabling your new office space, we’re here to get your new office space ready for in-house and remote employees.
  • Climate-Controlled Warehousing: Not sure what your plan is moving forward? You guessed it, we can help! There are so many moving parts in the COVID era, and we completely understand the hesitancy to jump all in on a Total Workplace Ecosystem. While you wait to relocate or ditch the office completely, we offer warehousing solutions for you to use while you think through and master your plan. All warehouse deliveries are thoroughly disinfected on the delivery truck, in the warehouse, and again before delivery to client site.

Insights Show: The New Normal is an Ecosystem 

The proof is in the pudding, or data rather: productivity can occur from anywhere, flexibility is accelerating and the new normal is a Total Workplace Ecosystem. Let OSS help guide you through the transition seamlessly, with reconfiguring and remote set-up services, relocation or cabling assistance and climate-controlled warehousing solutions. For more information and to learn how OSS makes your office work, contact us today!