How to Keep Your Team Connected during COVID-19

Office Space Solutions is here for you during COVID-19… From office restacks, to PPE equipment, to setting up your employees virtually and so much more, we’ve worked hard in 2020 to make sure your office works – wherever that may be. But, as the holidays approach, we want to shine a spotlight on the most important resource in the workplace – the people! In a world where, “I forgot my mask!” is as common as, “I forgot my wallet!” and social distancing rules have become somewhat normal for Americans across the country, it’s important for you and your organization to search for ways to keep your employees engaged and connected. Yes, that means even amid a global pandemic.

No matter what your office looks like (home, workplace or hybrid), think about the following adjustments to your work culture and how you can better connect with your employees—and how they can connect with each other—during this holiday season.

Get Creative with Positive Celebrations

Let’s face it… We could all use a little bit more positivity in our day-to-day lives. Whether it’s special project completions, work anniversaries or even birthdays, taking time out of the day to celebrate your employees can help boost engagement and overall well-being. Get creative with it, too! Have a different employee “host” a virtual happy hour or a quick, 15-minute event where they can devise a theme, game or contest based on whatever you’re celebrating.

Check-in Consistently

Depending on your line of work, priorities and needs can shift in an instant. Conducting regular check-ins for your employees to get on the same page or brainstorm ideas is important for daily business and action plans. Take these check-ins a step further, though, and utilize them as a way to listen to teams in an informal, low-key way. Check-in on more than just the next deadline or your project pipeline to stay engaged with your employees on a more personal level.

Pay Attention to Burnout

Empathy goes a long way, especially in 2020. Be understanding about wonky work-life balances, and stay compassionate and flexible with your employees. Now more than ever, video call fatigue and general work burnout are at its peak. During a typical December, one study found that more than two-thirds of workers report being less productive compared to other months. This year the holidays are adding additional demands on an already mentally (and emotionally) strained workforce. Schedule meetings appropriately (only if they really can’t be an email!), offer recognition for great service and, of course, allow flexibility for stressed-out employees.

Are you and your team ready to stay engaged, communicative and flexible to get through the end of 2020?  Take a few moments to focus on your employee’s health and management styles as we approach the end of the year! Interested in how our services can help make your office work? Contact us today for more information.