Do I Really Need to Hire a Professional Office Furniture Installation Team?

So, your company is getting new equipment or furniture installed. Whether this addition is due to modernizing your office space or just upgrading for better workplace efficiencies, the burning question on your mind is, “Do I Really Need to Hire a Professional Office Furniture Installation Team?”

The short answer? YES! If you’ve already purchased new furniture like cubicles or conference tables, having a concise plan on how to install them is key. Office furniture installation is so much more than placing desks and equipment haphazardly around the room: you need a strategic plan and a team with the skills required to experience the best results.

Learn how a professional office services company like OSS can aid in your next office installation project:

Save Time – The moving, assembling and reconfiguring process takes time. Unless your company is a furniture installation company, your employees shouldn’t be involved in this process. Let the factory-trained, professional installers at OSS handle this complex process! We can get furniture installation completed in a fraction of the time, at the highest quality.

Decrease Stress – Reconfiguring an entire office space is time-consuming, difficult and stressful! In order to decrease the amount of stress surrounding the big move, it’s important to hire a professional team to do the brunt of the work for you. A full-service company like OSS not only specializes in office installation, we have a project management team that takes care of your company’s plan from A to Z so you don’t have to stress about anything other than today’s emails.

Avoid Critical Mistakes – When a team of people who don’t have furniture installation expertise under their belt try to do so, mistakes are bound to happen. Between damaging furniture to hurting themselves, trusting a team without the right installation tools and know-how is a recipe for disaster. Ensuring your furniture is installed properly from start to finish is imperative for both time- and cost-savings, too.

“Loose Ends” – You’ve probably been to that point of a moving, installing or relocating process before. You know the one: the period of “loose ends” at the very end of a project. Maybe you forgot about some cabling equipment, or a cubicle didn’t fully get put together properly and you’re missing some critical pieces. When a furniture installation team is involved in your project, every loose end of the process is cleaned up and taken care of so you and your company can get back to work seamlessly.

Trust OSS for your next furniture installation project. We install both modular and conventional furniture and even come out for service calls and repairs after the fact. Our factory-trained installers are the best-of-the-best in the Southwest U.S. region and can complete your next project from start to finish with ease. Are you in need of furniture installation services? Contact us today for more information.