7 Deadly Sins of Office Relocation

Moving to a new office space? The relocation process can be a little tricky. And, while it might be an exciting and transformative time for your company, remember that relocating to a new office space takes careful time, planning and actionable steps to get right. You might have your “Office Relocation To Do” list ready… Read More

New Year, New Office!

You’ve probably heard the mantra, “New year, new me” umpteen times since New Year’s Day. Every January at the turn of a new year, you or someone you know decides to reinvent themselves for the upcoming calendar year. Office Space Solutions is taking the hint for 2019 with the new motto, “New year, new office”!… Read More

Happy Holidays from the OSS Team

‘Tis the season for… Relocating? That’s right, we’re moving! While we’re known for relocating our clients seamlessly from space to space, we’ve decided to move our very own headquarters to better serve our clients in the Southwest. Because OSS is committed to making your office work, we’re excited about our larger facility will offer more… Read More

We can help. What can we do for your office?

Office Space Solutions is committed to making your office work. Our professional office services aim to make your life easier! From relocation to warehouse storage solutions, and even the installation and maintenance of office data systems and smart workplace technology, OSS is here to help. We provide professional office services throughout the Southwest, including: 1…. Read More