Workspaces of the Future: Three Collaboration Trends

Office workspaces have the power to make or break cohesive, collaborative efforts between employees. Set up correctly, entire offices have the opportunity to excel. Those that fall short, well, they unfortunately have the opposite effect. While it’s never too early to start planning out your office space for the new decade, it’s also important to… Read More

Fit Desks: Worth It or Worthless?

The average office worker spends about 6.5 hours sitting in front of their computer screens every day. After the workday is over, the sitting isn’t done. Americans spends 13 hours each and every day sitting, and 70% of full-time workers absolutely hate it. Is Sitting the New Smoking? New research is linking sitting for long… Read More

We can help. What can we do for your office?

Office Space Solutions is committed to making your office work. Our professional office services aim to make your life easier! From relocation to warehouse storage solutions, and even the installation and maintenance of office data systems and smart workplace technology, OSS is here to help. We provide professional office services throughout the Southwest, including: 1…. Read More

Office Equipment: Buy New or Refurbish?

The idea of choosing between to buy new or refurbish items comes up a lot in everyday life, from personal laptops to cell phones, and even clothing. But, did you know you can purchase new or refurbished office equipment as well? Whether you’re remodeling a current commercial space or relocating to a new office, you… Read More