Reopening Your Workplace in a Post-COVID-19 World

At the time of this publication, a few states have begun a slow re-entry to the workforce post-COVID-19. As the rest of the country begins making decisions on stay-at-home orders and re-openings, it’s important to consider how your organization will safely return to the office. As more restrictions are lifted and workers make their way… Read More

Outgrowing Your Office? Warehousing Might be the Key

Having an office space that supports employee morale and boosts creativity and productivity is important for your business. Your office space’s atmosphere impacts collaboration, innovation and efficiency. If you’re outgrowing your office space, you might be in trouble. Are You Outgrowing Your Office Space? Be honest: is your company outgrowing its current space? Ask yourself… Read More

Optimize the Office Space You Have with These 5 Reconfiguring Tips

Reconfiguring your office space shouldn’t just be left to businesses who are outgrowing their current space. While optimizing space in a time of major growth is crucial, reconfiguration is beneficial to office spaces everywhere. Your office space might be fully equipped with the right desks and computers your employees need, but is it reconfigured in… Read More