Optimize the Office Space You Have with These 5 Reconfiguring Tips

Reconfiguring your office space shouldn’t just be left to businesses who are outgrowing their current space. While optimizing space in a time of major growth is crucial, reconfiguration is beneficial to office spaces everywhere. Your office space might be fully equipped with the right desks and computers your employees need, but is it reconfigured in… Read More

Workspaces of the Future: Three Collaboration Trends

Office workspaces have the power to make or break cohesive, collaborative efforts between employees. Set up correctly, entire offices have the opportunity to excel. Those that fall short, well, they unfortunately have the opposite effect. While it’s never too early to start planning out your office space for the new decade, it’s also important to… Read More

Is Your Workspace Ready for IoT Sensors?

Workspaces are transforming before our eyes thanks to a little help from digitization. Humans and computers are sharing job duties to improve employee productivity as well as business efficiencies overall. How? The Internet of Things. With IoT solutions, you can create a smart, digitized workplace with a limitless set of tools at your fingertips. One… Read More

7 Deadly Sins of Office Relocation

Moving to a new office space? The relocation process can be a little tricky. And, while it might be an exciting and transformative time for your company, remember that relocating to a new office space takes careful time, planning and actionable steps to get right. You might have your “Office Relocation To Do” list ready… Read More