Office Equipment: Buy New or Refurbish?

The idea of choosing between to buy new or refurbish items comes up a lot in everyday life, from personal laptops to cell phones, and even clothing. But, did you know you can purchase new or refurbished office equipment as well? Whether you’re remodeling a current commercial space or relocating to a new office, you… Read More

5 Questions to Ask Your Moving Company BEFORE You Move

You know the drill when it comes to a big move: sell the junk you don’t need, pack everything up in color-coordinating boxes, and barter with pizza and beer to get your friends to help you unload furniture for an afternoon. But, moving an entire commercial space, including filing cabinets, desks, computers and more, requires… Read More

Keep, Toss, or Store?

Whether you are downsizing, upgrading or simply relocating, a commercial office move is the perfect time to take stock of company resources and decide what you want to keep, toss, or store during the move. To help you start planning your move, first you need think about your end destination and how you will be… Read More