How to Keep Your Team Connected during COVID-19

Office Space Solutions is here for you during COVID-19… From office restacks, to PPE equipment, to setting up your employees virtually and so much more, we’ve worked hard in 2020 to make sure your office works – wherever that may be. But, as the holidays approach, we want to shine a spotlight on the most… Read More

Is It Time for an Office Restack? How to Successfully Return & Rebuild Your Office Space

As we head into the last few months of 2020, “unprecedented” and “evolving” are two words that remain steadfast in workplace vocabular. Whether your office has already successfully returned amidst the COVID pandemic or your employees continue to work from home, one thing is clear: the workplace has changed insurmountably. And, according to Colliers, the… Read More

We’re Proud to Introduce: PPE Fulfillment

For 15 years, Office Space Solutions has been a trusted source for all of your relocation, warehousing and installation needs. We make your office work! The changing landscape of what is required to operate during the pandemic has pushed us to add a new service for our clients: PPE Warehousing and Fulfillment. How It Works… Read More

5 Ways OSS is Working for Safety in Occupied Environments

We take safety seriously. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team’s safety – and yours! – is more important than ever. Watch our video now to see how Office Space Solutions is working to protect our clients as well as our team! There are five ways we’re taking extra precautions to protect ourselves amid this… Read More

Is the Future of the Corporate World a “Total Workplace Ecosystem”?

Cushman & Wakefield recently captured global data from the workforce, including work-from-home respondents, to help get a bird’s eye view on the future of the workplace in the COVID-19 era. And, while many propose that the open office concept isn’t totally dead and others think working from home will become more commonplace, the data reveals something less tangible:… Read More