7 Deadly Sins of Office Relocation

7 deadly sins of office relocationMoving to a new office space? The relocation process can be a little tricky. And, while it might be an exciting and transformative time for your company, remember that relocating to a new office space takes careful time, planning and actionable steps to get right.

You might have your “Office Relocation To Do” list ready to go, but don’t make these seven deadly mistakes when moving to a new office space:

1. Not Pre-Planning: Relocating is a giant task. Take advantage of documents, spreadsheets and checklists long before the move to ensure you don’t forget anything. Plus, pre-planning allows you to divide up larger tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks.

2. Not Notifying Clients & Services Providers of Your Move: While you and your team are busy getting ready for the big move, don’t forget to notify clients or service providers of the relocation, too! A three-week notice is a good rule of thumb. Send postcards to your mailing list, an email newsletter to your online subscribers and even consider hosting an open house once you’re fully moved into the new location.

3. Not Taking Inventory Before the Move: Documenting every item before your relocation you will keep the move on track, guarantee you don’t lose any valuable equipment or office furniture and above all else, prevent headaches in the long run. If you are taking advantage of warehouse storage during or after the move, an inventory list is key. Take inventory yourself before the move, or hire a company to do so to save yourself the time.

4. Not Changing the Company’s Contact Information: You might have already sent notices to your clients and service providers, but don’t forget to change your contact information online as well! Update your website and Google listing, plus, set up redirections and forwarding numbers if you can’t keep your current one.

5. Not Communicating with the Team: Involving and communicating with your team in the relocation strategy is as important as communicating with clients and vendors. Consult with the entire company about the move to promote open dialogue, and engage different departments by building internal office move teams. Your team’s input is important to the company during every stage, including relocation.

6. Not Hiring a Moving Manager or Company: A full-service moving company that specializes in office relocation is a must for big moves. Hiring a moving team that offers a relocation manager not only saves you time, but ensures that your office equipment and furniture gets moved the right way from start to finish. Some moving companies will even take care of inventory for you!

7. Forgetting About IT: While your mind might be on moving cubicles or large meeting room setups, forgetting about IT is a big “no no” in office relocation. Disconnecting and reconnecting an entire office space’s tech like computers, phones servers, data and internet plans takes an IT professional ready for the task. Find a company who specializes in cabling and data to make this process as seamless as possible.

Relocating to a new office space should be an exciting time for the entire company. While you can definitely pre-plan moving tasks and get your team involved to make the transition a little smoother, hiring an office relocation team can get the job done the right way from beginning to end. Office Space Solutions offers professional office relocation services, including furniture installation, warehousing facilities, inventory amenities and data and cabling services. Contact us today for more information to avoid the seven deadly sins of relocation