3 Mistakes NOT to Make Preparing to Ship to Trade Shows

Mistakes NOT to make when shipping trade showsTrade shows are a great investment for your company. According to The Center for Exhibition Industry Research, trade shows contribute more than $80 billion annually to the U.S. gross domestic product. While trade shows are important for your company’s sales, they’re also lucrative for potential contacts and industry recognition. However, preparing for a successful trade show takes careful organization and advanced planning. Office Space Solutions (OSS) breaks down three mistakes to avoid when preparing for and shipping your company’s next trade show:

1. Lack of Planning. Arguably the number one mistake that companies make when preparing for a trade show is simply… NOT preparing for it. Make sure you plan far in advance. Forbes says it’s “never too early” to start informing your team of travel dates so they can book flights and blocks of hotel rooms before prices go up. Plus, planning ahead of time is key in terms of your event budget and logistics. Informing your audience of your presence at your trade show up to six weeks in advance allows you to announce important product news, teasers, plus the opportunity to meet your team.

2. Ignoring Storage & Shipping Logistics. If you’ve been planning ahead of time for your trade show, you probably have the logistics for your team’s travel completed as well as a marketing plan down pat for your appearance. Don’t forget to check in on the shipping and logistics of your trade show booth display! Not having key elements of your trade show exhibit booth can be problematic and stressful, especially if you realize you’re missing items the day of the trade show. Make sure all of your essentials are accounted for by storing them in a climate-controlled warehouse and shipping them together ahead of time. Don’t forget the HDMI and power cables!

3. No Available Inventory Photos. Trade show exhibits often travel directly from one show to the next. A lot of inventory can get lost in the back-and-forth process surrounding a trade show. Having photographic evidence of inventory alongside every single shipping bill of lading can help guarantee nothing gets lost. Because a third party often receives, sets up, tears down and ships out your trade show booth display and equipment, it’s even more important that you can rely on your shipping and storage partners between trade show to ensure everything arrives in order. That’s why top professional warehousing companies like OSS take clearly labeled receiving dock photos and inventory slips to help you keep track of every single product and booth display components.

Preparing for a trade show can be stressful. A professional office service and warehousing partner can help you plan ahead, store and ship your trade show booth to ensure your company’s exhibit get where it’s going intact and on time. Are you ready for your next trade show? Contact OSS today for more information about our climate-controlled storage solutions, shipping resources and more.